Announcing Windows 10 Support for Medisoft Office Hours v20

Windows 10 support is now available for Medisoft 20!


Many people want to upgrade to Windows 10, and for good reason. It has a number of benefits from increased security to a more appealing interface.


What all Medisoft users need to know is Medisoft Version 20 is the only supported version of Medisoft with Windows 10. This means if an upgrade to Windows 10 is made and you are not using version 20 McKesson or Miracles may not be able to help if you have problems.


Upgrading to V20 is the best way to ensure optimal performance. It is the only version that will be updated by McKesson in the event of any regulatory changes. Yearly upgrading is also the most cost effective way of maintaining Medisoft.

Call MPM at 800-503-3911 * 506 to upgrade today!

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