Documenting Potential Coronavirus Exposure in NextGen Office

NextGen Office Coronavirus


Documenting Potential Coronavirus Exposure in NextGen Office


The worldwide novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has brought heightened concerns from healthcare providers, public health officials and the general public. The CDC recommends that front-line healthcare personnel in the United States be prepared to evaluate patients for possible coronavirus exposure.

To assist with these evaluations in NextGen Office, please refer to the recommendations below:

  • Leverage the E-visits feature available in the premium patient portal to conduct virtual visits with your patients
  • Create custom forms to document a patient’s exposure risk or increased risk for severe disease or to create a screening form
  • Use the Custom Check-in Processes feature on the premium patient portal to have patients complete forms before arriving to the office or prior to their e-visit
  • Contact your account executive if you do not have the premium patient portal

NextGen Healthcare urges our clients to stay safe and remain up to date on the latest information from CDC on signs and symptoms, diagnostic testing, and case definitions.


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