Medisoft Lytec Mobile v3.3 Now Available

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CGM MEDISOFT and CGM LYTEC Mobile v3.3 Now Generally Available

eMDs, a brand of CompuGroup Medical, is announcing the release of CGM MEDISOFT and CGM LYTEC Mobile v3.3 as generally available. Mobile 3.3 is an update to CGM MEDISOFT v25 and CGM LYTEC 2021. Most new features in Mobile 3.3 will only work with these latest versions.

New Features in Mobile v3.3 include:

  • Pull Diagnosis – Option to automatically pull Case Diagnosis in CGM MEDISOFT or Permanent Diagnosis in CGM LYTEC when opening a new mobile superbill and have the codes pre-checked.
  • Eligibility Status – Add Eligibility Status to Home Page patient appointment list.
  • Appointment Notes – Allow editing of appointment Notes on the mobile Patient Card and send updated Note information back to the core software appointment.
  • Linked Transactions / Multilink – Option to add existing Linked Transactions (CGM LYTEC) or Multilink codes (CGM MEDISOFT) on mobile superbills.
  • E/M Timer – Added an optional E/M Timer to mobile superbill for providers who code Evaluation and Management visits solely based on duration of the patient encounter. Time also posts back to core software.

Users can download the new Mobile 3.3 at the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The Mobile 3.3 Release Notes can be found at the following locations:


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