NextGen Office- April 2022 EMR Enhancements

NextGen Office Clinical Note


NextGen Office April 2022 Enhancements


This release includes enhancements in My Reports, Encounters, Patient Chart, Schedule, and Patient Roster

This release includes enhancements in NextGen® Office EHR and Practice Management. EHR now includes the new QPP API integration for MIPS eCQM attestation. You are alerted when a custom form or chief complaint form has been edited in Administration. In Clinical Notes, you can select a date when adding a clinical note in the patient's chart. In PM, the appointment's time zone has been added to the appointment confirmation email. In Patient Roster, at least three characters are required to search for patients.

EHR Enhancements


New QPP API Integration for MIPS eCQM Attestation

EHR is now integrated with the new QPP API for MIPS eCQM attestation. To use this this is new method for the 2021 performance year, you must have QPP login credentials. 

  1. Click Documents > My Reports > Quality Reporting > Export.
  2. From the Export Allmenu, select QPP QRDA 3 Individual (reporting as an individual provider) or QPP QRDA 3 Group (group reporting).
  3. Click My Reports. The QPP report is a JSON file.

    4.     Click  NextGen Office Click


The CMS login page opens in a new browser tab. Log in with your QPP credentials. 

NextGen Office CMS Login

Return to My Reports to submit the file. Click NextGen Office Click

Click Confirm to confirm the file submission.


Updated Custom Forms

We fixed an issue where answers previously selected in the custom form were deleted from encounters when a new entry was added. You are now alerted that the form has been edited and that you must answer the new version of the question.


Added Date Picker to Clinical Notes

You can now select a date when adding a clinical note in the patient's chart.

NextGen Office Clinical Note


Practice Management Enhancements


Added Time Zone to Appointment Confirmation Emails

The appointment's time zone is now included in the body of appointment confirmation emails. The time zone matches the time zone of the location tied to the appointment. 

Updated Patient Roster

To improvement performance, the Patient Roster no longer shows an alphabetical list of patients. At least three characters are now required to search for a patient in Patient Roster.



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