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NextGen Office Enhancements


EHR Enhancements 


Updated Admin Clerk Pharmacy Role 

We fixed an issue where users with the Admin Clerk pharmacy role were able to approve and deny prescription refill requests when they should have read-only access to the Pharmacy Alerts module. Permissions for these users to the Pharmacy Alerts module is now restricted to read-only. 


Updated Direct Messages for Archived Providers 

We fixed an issue where providers who were archived by their old practice were not able to send or receive direct messages in their new practice. Providers are now able to send and receive direct messages in their new practice.  


Updated Obstetric Physical Exam 

We fixed an issue in Physical Exam where when you entered comments in Observations during an obstetric physical exam and you reached the character limit in the Antepartum Report Form, the bottom of the page did not correctly appear and the Subjective and Objective menus were no longer shown. The page now correctly loads.  


EHR and Patient Portal Enhancements 


Updated Preferred Pharmacy Workflow 

We fixed an issue where when the patient updated their preferred pharmacy on the Patient Information page in Patient Portal, the updated pharmacy information did not appear in EHR. This workflow has been removed since the patient can already update this information on the Medications page when requesting a medication refill. The pharmacy information is sent in the Rx refill request patient message to the recipient. When the patient selects the Favorite option, the patient's default pharmacy is updated in Medication List


Practice Management Enhancements 

Place of Service Code Set Update 

Updated place of service codes are now available in Charge Entry and Administration: Locations

Place of Service Code 

Place of Service Name 


Telehealth Provided Other than in Patient's Home 


Telehealth Provided in Patient’s Home 


Place of Employment - Worksite 


Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities 


Non-residential Opioid Treatment Facility 


Charge Entry 

Click the Service Lines tab and select the POS code. 

NextGen Place of Service

Administration: Locations 

Select the Place of Service. 

NextGen Office Place of Service 1

Updated Adjustment Reason Codes in ERA 

Updated adjustment reason codes for payments are now available in the Adjustment Summary section of the ERA.  

Resubmitted HRSA COVID-19 Uninsured Program Rejected Claims 

Optum notified NextGen Healthcare on February 16 that from February 11 to February 14, all professional HRSA claims with payer ID 95964 did not correctly process, which resulted in the rejection of all professional claims with rejection code N9007. On February 17, we resubmitted the rejected claims 


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