NextGen Office- May2022 EMR Enhancements

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NextGen Office May 2022 Enhancements


EHR Enhancements

Updated Administration: EHR Reporting and Quality Measures

We updated the content on the Administration: EHR Reporting and Quality Measures page to reflect 2022 regulatory requirements.

Direct Message Improvements

We fixed an issue where you were unable to reply to direct messages. You are now able to reply to direct messages. We also made improvements to the View Message screen. We added an alert that messages have a 4000-character limit and that attachments are not supported in replied messages. We also removed the Forward and Delete buttons.

Updated Administration: Physical Exam

We fixed an issue affecting some new practices in Administration: Physical Exam where you were unable to edit the Physical Exam templates and the body systems appeared as blank. Body systems and phrases now appear.

Vaccines Transmit to Wisconsin Immunization Registry

We fixed an issue affecting some clients where immunizations were not syncing with the Wisconsin Immunization Registry. Vaccines are now transmitting to the registry.

Added Vaccines to Immunization Database

The following vaccines have been added to the Immunization database.

Vaccine Name


Age Range


Dengue vaccine

9-16 years


Hepatitis B vaccine

18+ years

New Diagnosis Codes

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced three new diagnosis codes, including two for COVID-19 immunization status. These codes were added to the ICD-10 code set.




Unvaccinated for COVID-19


Partially vaccinated for COVID-19


Other under immunization status


Allergy Group Codes Mapped to SNOMED Codes for C-CDA Files

In C-CDA files, the SNOMED codes were mapped based on the new mapping if the codes are present in Value Set Authority Center (VSAC) value set list under United States Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI).

Duplicate Medication Entries in Older C-CDA Files

We addressed the issue where duplicate medication entries showed in older versions of C-CDA files. Medications no longer show more than once.



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