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NextGen Office New Self Patient Registration

Administration: New Patient Self Registration and Scheduling

Personalized provider web pages are a great way to build the practice and market it to potential patients. Use the New Patient Self Registration and Scheduling feature to create a provider page with an online schedule and have it published and hosted by the YourHealthFile Patient Portal. New patients can use this web page to self-register for the practice and schedule their first appointment without ever calling the office. Each practice provider can create a page and customize its content using the easy-to-use graphical template.

  • Create a provider page per location and calendar resource (provider).
  • Provider pages are mobile-friendly. Patients can open the pages on a mobile device.

Provider pages include the following fields and headings:

  • Practice name and specialty
  • Calendar of available appointment times
  • Practice information
  • Location address and map
  • Testimonials (optional)
  • Accepted payers and plans (optional) 

Embed Provider Page URL within the Practice's Website 

Work with your website developer to add these URLs within the website so that a patient can open the provider's web page.


  • New Patient Self Registration and Scheduling is a premium Patient Portal feature. Contact your Sales representative to subscribe.
  • Enable Advanced Appointment Features in Administration: Enable and Disable Features.
  • Set up calendars to appear on the Patient Portal in Administration: Portal Calendar Management.

Open Administration: New Patient Self Registration and Scheduling

  1. In PM, click Admin.
  2. Below Premium Portal Management, click New Patient Self Registration and Scheduling.

Provider Page List




Published pages show a URL in the Provider Page URL column. Embed this link within your practice's website.

In Progress

Pages not yet published (saved as draft)


Archived pages


NextGen Office Patient Registration


Create a New Page

Select the LocationCalendar, and Provider to pre-populate the Provider NameOffice AddressPage Title, and Specialty.

  1. Click Create a New Page.
  2. Select the LocationCalendar, and Provider.
  • Location:The address pre-populates next to Provider Name. The address and phone number pre-populates the Office Address The location's city pre-populates in the Page Title field along with the first text field within the Specialties heading, only if both are filled.
  • Calendar:Preselects a matching provider if one exists. The calendar schedule appears within the published page.
  • Provider:Pre-populates the Provider Name and Specialties The provider's name and the address pre-populates within the Our Office subheading.
  1. Review the pre-populated fields and headings, and edit as necessary.


  • NextGen Office Patient Registration 2 


Upload Provider Photo

Supported file formats: PNG, JPG

Photo height and width are cropped at 160 px. Uploading a new photo overwrites the existing photo.

  1. Click the photo upload box.
  2. Click Browse Files to select an image file to upload.
  3. Use the cropping tool to capture the provider's face. 
  4. Click Save.

NextGen Office Patient Registration 3

Benefits of

Type the description of the provider's specialty.

Insurance Accepted (Optional)

  1. Select one of the Insurance Accepted options. 
  • Display accepted insurance:Selected by default. If you keep this option, click Edit the list of insurance and plans to open the Insurance Accepted - Payers and Plans
  • Display accepted insurance and plans: Opens the Insurance Accepted - Payers and Plans 
  • Do not display insurance or plans: No insurance payers or plans will appear on the provider page.
  1. Select the insurance payers or payers and plans.
  2. Click Close.

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Testimonials (Optional)

Type the testimonials that you have received from patients.


NextGen Office Patient Testimonials


Save as Draft, Preview, or Publish

Click one of the following options:

  • Save as Draft: Save the page as a draft or publish this page at another time.
  • Preview: Open a page preview without publishing. To publish the page from the preview, click Edit to exit the preview and click Publish.
  • Publish: Publish the page. 


Overview of Fields and Headings



Content Derives from



Provider Name

Administration: Provider Maintenance

Pre-populated by the Provider menu selection.
Sets the provider name under the Our Office subheading.


Address next to Provider Name

Administration: Locations

Pre-populated by the Location menu selection.


Page Title

Administration: Locations and Taxonomy in Administration: Provider Maintenance

A combination of multiple items pre-populates in this field:

  • Location menu selection
  • First text field within the Specialties heading
  • The word "Doctor"
  • Page Title = Location + Specialty + "Doctor"

Sets the subtitle below the provider name under the Our Office subheading.


Practice Name

Practice in context

The practice in context pre-populates this field.


Photo upload

Manually uploaded

The provider's photo appears on the provider page.
The image is cropped and sized at 160 px width and height.



Taxonomy in Administration: Provider Maintenance

Entering data in this field initiates the following actions:

  • One or more fields pre-populated by the specialty/specialties associated with the selected provider.
  • Pre-populates the Page Title field with the data of the first specialty field along with the data of the Location menu selection, only if both are filled.
  • Pre-populates the data in the Benefits of field with the data of the first specialty field.
  • Benefits of + Specialty


Benefits of

Taxonomy from Administration: Provider Maintenance is filled in after "Benefits of."

Description is manually entered.

Explain the value of the provider’s specialty to market the provider to new patients and describe the provider’s specialty in detail.

  • The title is pre-populated with the data entered in the first specialty field.


Our Office

Administration: Locations

The Provider menu selection pre-populates the provider's name and the address within the Our Office subheading.


Insurance Accepted (optional)

Manually selected

The practice's accepted insurance payers or plans appear on the provider page.


Testimonials (optional)

Manually entered

Testimonials that you have received from patients.



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