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NextGen Office Patient Roster

The Patient Roster feature enables you to register new patients, search for patients, manage patient information, create a patient chart from an existing profile, and upload a patient roster.


Open Patient Roster

From the Patients menu, select Patient Roster.

Feature Overview

Patient Roster is the default tab and has two drop-down menus to filter the patient information shown. 



The left drop-down menu defaults to the Patient search.

Profile Description
Patient A patient chart
Default search profile
Insured Insured-only profiles that are added during patient registration (insurance information) when spouse, child, or other was selected as the patient’s relationship to insured.
To create a new chart, click [create].
Guarantor Guarantor-only profiles that are added during patient registration (guarantor information) when other was selected as the guarantor’s relationship to insured.
All (excludes new patients) All of the above profiles.
New Patient Shows only new patients created during the scheduling process.
To create a new chart, click NEW.


Search Methods

The right drop-down menu defaults to the Last Name, First Name search. This search method requires at least three characters. Additional search options are Chart No., DOB, Phone, and SSN.


Chart No. Open the patient chart.
Browse/Upload Use to upload a patient roster.
Download Sample File View the sample file for the template and the steps to do a bulk patient upload.
Download Payer ID List Download a CSV file of the available electronic payers.
Register a New Patient Open the Registration page to register a new patient.


Nextgen Patient Data

Create a New Chart

You can create a chart from the Insured or New Patient search results.



  1. Click [create].

Nextgen Patient Data Create


The Registration page opens to the insured's partially created chart.

  1. Complete the registration process.


New Patient

  1. Click NEW.

Nextgen Patient Data New

The Chart (New Patient) page opens.
  1. Click View/Edit Details.

The Registration page opens to the new patient's partially created chart.

  1. Complete the registration process.


Upload a Patient Roster

Upload the patient information into NextGen Office as a CSV file.

  1. Click Browse.
  2. Select and open the CSV file from your computer.
  3. Click Upload.

Nextgen Patient Data Upload



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