NextGen OfficeJune 2022 EMR Enhancements

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NextGen Office June 2022 Enhancements


OCUMENT SUMMARY- This release includes enhancements in the NextGen® Office agreements, EHR, Practice Management, and Patient Portal. The application has updated master and user agreements. In EHR, questions with no answers do not show in the clinical summary. Possible medication matches appear during Medication History import. Performance rate calculation of inverse measures is correct in the MIPS Dashboard. Care Plan notes show in the Treatment Plan section of the C-CDA file. Order result and notes appear in the C-CDA file. PCMH reports has improved query performance. Customer Support links have been fixed on the Practice Management Dashboard. Patients can complete the check-in process for e-visit appointment in the Patient Portal.

Updated NextGen Office Agreements- We have updated our agreements as follows:

  • Updated master agreement between the client and the company.
  • Updated end user agreement to include a dispute resolution clause (paragraph 16).
  • To review the changes to the agreements, refer to NextGen Office Agreements. This link is also available on the login page, PM footer, and EHR session information (click NextGen Office EHR at the top of the page). 

By continuing to use the NextGen Office application, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions

Practice Management Enhancements


We fixed the Customer Support links on the Practice Management Dashboard in the following areas:

Shortcuts > Administration and Customer Support > Contact Customer Support

Footer > Customer Support


Patient Portal Enhancements

Updated E-visit Check-in Process

We fixed an issue where the patients could not complete the appointment check-in process for e-visits in the Patient Portal. Patients can now complete the check-in process. 


EHR Enhancements

Updated Custom Forms

We fixed an issue where when all answers were deleted for a custom form questions, the questions still appeared in the clinical summary. Questions no longer appear in the clinical summary when no answer is present. You also now receive a success message when you delete all answers.

Updated Medication History

We fixed an issue where users received an alert when trying to import the patient's Rx history and no possible matches appeared on-screen. Matches now appear and the import can be completed.

MIPS Dashboard Shows Correct Inverse Measure Performance Rate Calculation 

We fixed an issue impacting the MIPS Dashboard. Performance rate calculation for inverse measures was incorrect when a denominator exclusion was present. Performance rate calculation is now correct

Care Plan Notes Appear in Correct Section of C-CDA File

We fixed an issue where Care Plan page notes appeared in the Assessment section of the C-CDA file. Care Plan notes now correctly show in the Treatment Plan section.

Order Results and Notes Show in C-CDA File

We fixed an issue where order results and notes inconsistently generated in the C-CDA file. Order result and notes now appear in the C-CDA file.

PCMH Reports Improvements

We implemented query enhancements to improve performance and processing of PCMH reports.


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