Receive your Insurance payments FASTER by our Medical Billing service with Experienced Billers!

Worker Comp Billing, No Fault Billing or Commercial Carrier Billing. We have a solution for you!

Doctor's\Practices are continually having issues with Insurance payments being paid timely! Whether, the staff is not able to submit claims timely due to being over worked (handling to many jobs), being inexperienced or just being a poor employee. MPM can help!

MPM's Medical Billing service has a proven program\system for Worker's Comp and No Fault, Commercial Carriers, and Government payers that will turn insurance payments in days to just a few weeks. Look at our attached EOBs below.



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Have you ever seen a No Fault claim being paid within 7 days of the date of service? How about an MVP claim being paid only one day after the date of service? (Our attached EOB's show a check that issued on 2/14/19 from State Farm Insurance for dates of service 2/1, 2/6 and 2/7/2019 and an MVP issued check on 2/14/19 for dates of service 2/11,2/12 and 2/13/19). Please click on the above link to see for yourself!

Our program enables the your office to generate a claim, upload the claim to our clearinghouse with the appropriate medical notes(when needed) to be processed and submitted to insurance carriers in days whether it is No Fault, Workers’ Comp, or any other insurance carrier!

“Our office cash flow has improved dramatically with MPM, we have never had our claims paid this quickly by commercial carriers in the past, nevertheless having our No Fault and Workers’ Comp paid in days to just a few weeks.” Dr. Rob from NY

Our Billing providers either create the charges in our suggested EHR program(we can work on any program) or provide our office with the  superbills that are needed to be entered. Within days our staff turns around those claims into actual payments, improving the cash flow for the doctor’s office while reducing the amount of days on the accounts receivable.


Are you in need of help?

Is your office Struggling to handle denials?

Is your office struggling to handle claims timely submissions?

Is your office struggling to handle claims denials?

Is your office not calling on outstanding insurance claims?

Do you need help? Don't waste any more time, Stop Losing Money!

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