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As part of a larger effort to improve injured workers’ access to health care, the NY Workers Compensation Board (NY WCB) transitioned to using the CMS-1500 form effective July 1 2021.  Using the CMS-1500 form will streamline the medical billing process and reduce the paperwork requirements currently in the workers’ compensation system. 

In anticipation of this transition, Metropm Clearinghouse has been successfully submitting NY WC bills on the CMS-1500 form for over two years. We are encouraging our clients to transition to the 1500 form as soon as possible.  Our goal is for all clients to be on the 1500 by the end of Q3 (September). 


We noticed that you are still submitting your claims using the old NY WC forms, and we would like to work with you on a plan to transition to the CMS-1500 form.  Making the switch to the 1500 form is as quick for CIC to accommodate as the click of a button – it is a simple setting modification on our end that triggers your data to populate the 1500 form rather than one of the old NY WC forms.


We would also like to remind you that all providers (including midlevel’s) need to be XML approved with the Board.  You can start this process here: https://www.wcb.ny.gov/OnlineRegistration/onreg_xmlparticipant_confirmation.jsp.


Please reach out to mpm@metropm.com to schedule a time to review the process and answer any questions you might have.  

 We look forward to helping with this transition.


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