Windows 10

Medisoft and Lytec users
Windows 10 Update
Within the last week a number of Medisoft & Lytec users have experienced an unwanted upgrade of Windows 10 to their computers. In some cases this has interfered with Medisoft\ Lytec and some other applications.
Click the the following link Manage Windows 10 upgrade for information on Windows 10, and how to revert to your previous operating system or delay the upgrade.

Medisoft V20 and Lytec 2016 is currently the only certified version to run on Windows 10. If you have questions or concerns contact MPM at 800-503-3911 x506.

Medisoft in the Cloud
Here are a few important reasons why a cloud solution is superior to an installed version in your office
Risk reduction
                        Hardware failure (computers have a shelf life - data can be corrupted or lost)
                        Stolen Hardware (Stolen computers means patient data lost or compromised)
                         Failed back ups (Back ups not maintained or failure of back up puts your data at risk)
Accessibility and Support
                         Remote access from any computer connected to the Internet. Uptime exceeds 99%
                         General Medisoft support and assistance incuded
MPM Hosting automatically backs up data and has redundant servers that ensure system restore with no data loss
Join the many who use Medisoft and access their schedule wherever they have an internet connection. MPM Hosting makes Medisoft and Office Hours into a cloud application - accessed over the internet to be run from your Windows or even Apple computer.
This is accomplished through our robust blade server stored at a secure datacenter. All connection and transmission of data is encrypted so you can rest assured only you will have access to your data and it will be secure. Cloud solutions are the best way for a business to move forward with their operational and technology needs.
With Medisoft Cloud, you never have to worry about backups or computer crashes affecting your billing again. Additionally, Medisoft will never run slow due to aging computers. You also would have the ability to have multiple members of your staff all logged in using Medisoft at the same time. General Medisoft support is included with all cloud clients!

To sign-up or see how it works call 800-503-3911 *506


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