Workers Comp Billing Solution. Are you in need of Help billing Workers Comp? We have a proven Solution!

Metropolitan Practice Management Inc. (MPM Inc.), a Medical Billing service company since 1996, has developed a unique and proven system to bill Workers’ Comp and No-Fault claims to insurance companies that will decrease denials and improve timely payments.


Workers’ Comp and No-Fault collections can seem like a stress induced migraine for medical providers. Between special terminologies and legal obstacles, many medical practices don’t have the resources or know how to properly bill Workers’ Comp and No- Fault medical claims.


Most common Denials for Workers’ Comp and No- Fault Claims.


  • When the injury is not reported in a timely manner.
  • Forms are not completed the right way.
  • The medical information and accident report are not included.
  • Medical claims not submitted within filing time requirements
  • Unable to prove claim submissions if denied for late filing



How MPM Inc. can benefit you.


MPM Inc. has developed a program and process that will help eliminated all of those denials! MPM Inc. submits all Workers’ Comp\No-Fault claims to go electronically with either electronic tracking system or a US Postal tracking number to prove the timely submission of all claims. This system submits Workers’ Comp claims on WC C4 forms and  No-Fault claims  on CMS HFCA 1500 forms with all the necessary medical notes needed to process the claims for payment.


Process of sending our claims

With our MPM Inc. Program, once the medical provider signs the note and creates the claim in our EHR software the claim is then uploaded into our Workers’ Comp/No Fault claims processing program. The created claims are submitted to the Workers’ Comp Board, Workers’ Comp Insurance Companies and No-Fault Insurance companies within 7 to 10 days of  the claim submission date. This is correct, 90-95%% of all our claims are received within this 7 to 10 days with an accepted status.


Benefits of Timely Submission’s


  • Improve collections and revenue
  • Reduce Timely filing rejections
  • Receive faster payments with all claims submitted electronically
  • Receive Denials notification’s quicker while patients are currently being seen to help address insurance denials (Example Negative IMEs, Failure to attend Medical Examinations or incorrect policy\carrier case numbers)



MPM Inc. will work with your office to setup the correct fee schedules for the medical provider’s location. MPM Inc. not only understands not only the medical billing side of the workers compensation process but we have a firm grasp on the operational workflows necessary to comply with all of the regulations.


If you need help with your Workers’ Comp Billing or No-Fault Billing, one call will solve it all at 973-256-1998 x506. Don’t lose any more money; reach out to the Billing experts!

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