Your software may be ICD-10 ready, but is your staff?

Don’t underestimate the amount of time you’ll need preparing your office staff for ICD-10. BillFlash Patient Statement and Payment Services will help reduce time spent on administrative tasks, freeing up valuable time for your team to prepare for the October 1 deadline.

  • You get a one stop shop for patient statement and payment services that work together.
  • Patients receive eBill notifications the same day and can immediately pay you online.  No waiting for the mail and manually processing payments.
  • Online ePay allows patients to pay you 24x7 improving cash flow and reducing processing costs.
  • Patients can easily find current and past bills online reducing requests for a lost bill and questions.
  • And enjoy Big Savings – your first 30 days are free, low payment processing fees, mail discounts for every payment processed, eBills are 60% cheaper than mail.

NOW is the time to set up a more efficient patient billing and payment service. Sign up in minutes. Training only takes 45 minutes and will save you countless hours to tackle ICD-10 issues.


For more information about the BillFlash professionally printed statements, paperless eBill, online ePay and OfficePay, Call MPM at 800-503-3911 *506

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